Hardcore Gamer Magazine - Pelaaja



Largest finnish videogame magazine and also the most read young adult magazine in Finland wanted to revive their web presence. Pelaaja magazine reviews latest games and tells the stories behind gaming phenomenons.

I believe more content and less navigation is most often a winning concept and I wanted to put that belief into practice with Pelaajalehti. Gamers are always interested in what’s new and if they see something interesting they wish to know what other people think about it.

I put lot of emphasis on the frontpage. I used large photos, big headlines and a tall scrolling layout so you can visit the page frequently without the need to navigate further. I also realized that majority of the banner ads in their old site were about games. I designed the new layout so that the banners become a part of the illustration and content of the page. The site looks better with banners than without them!

(My design was online 2011 to late 2017)

Comments from the forum (translated):

 “Really an awesome layout – can’t think anything negative. Thubs up!” – Luffy

 “Functional and clean layout. Plus and then plus!” – Karmacoma

 “Really a  good looking design! Two thubs up! 5 Stars and a parrot mark!” – JB Gigas

 And these are just the first three commenters from seven pages of positive comments from gamers!


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