Where the hell do I start… This is a question you might have come across a few times? It happens to all of us don’t worry.

I have good news for you, my friend! There are neat tactics to get rid of the writer’s block once and for all. Copywriters use tried and tested scientific formulas all the time to have a higher likelihood of success. Maybe you should try them out too!

But before we dive into it. We need to know what is copywriting exactly? Copywriting is any writing that convinces your reader to take a particular action. Buying something, sharing your content or asking the reader to give his/her email address. So the purpose of copywriting is to sell the reader a product or an idea.

AIDA formula


This first formula is the most used in advertising and marketing circles. It was created by the sales pioneer Elias St. Elmo Lewis. First documented mention about AIDA is from 1909. When Edward K. Strong, Jr published the book ‘The Psychology of Selling and Advertising’ in 1925. It popularized the AIDA model. Sometimes you hear marketing people calling this formula as ‘sales funnel’ or ‘slippery slope’.

The AIDA formula offers a classic and tested formula to get your ideas flowing. This formula works best if your client already knows you or how your solution works. Using this formula you can appeal to their emotions to spark a response.


Grab your readers attention with a prominent piece of copy. A bold statement, fact or question. You can be provocative or maybe highly personal. Capture your visitor’s attention using:

  • Headline
  • Video
  • Image
  • Interest


Once you have got their attention then it’s time for your features and benefits! Be entertaining or maybe even funny. Keep it light and easy to read. Remember that most visitors have short attention spans.


Explain why your audience should really want what you are offering. Now your story must become relevant so it can become irresistible to the reader on an emotional level. Show them how their life would be without your product or solution. Then paint a picture of success.

Think of infomercials. They will throw benefits to your face until you come amazed by how you’ve been able to live without the product all your life.

  • Show the benefits of your product
  • Use testimonials


Ask them something right away! Close the sale.

  • A clear and obvious call to action
  • Hint on urgency

AIDA example

Here’s an easy to understand example of AIDA formula in action. Screenshot from Apple Watch page.

PAS formula


My second formula PAS is not as well known as AIDA but is becoming popular. Especially in the IT and startup scene. This formula is very well suited for the web. A landing page magic formula.

Problems can attract attention as well or even better benefits. You can show that you understand the problem and your interests align with the reader.


Lay out your readers problem.


Scrub salt deep into your readers wound. Remind the frustration and pain the customer is experiencing when dealing with the problem.


You’re now ready to step in and reveal the solution.

PAS example.

This might be one of the most effective formulas out there. Let me show PAS in action. Matter a fact, more than one client has represented this page as their favorite.

Note! Basecamp has recently changed it’s approach from AIDA to PAS. Formulas are elastic. You can still see part of the AIDA formula in this example.



FAB formula


This formula works well when you have the need to talk to your audience directly. This formula forces you to focus on benefits, not features. It’s also a handy trick for attention-grabbing headlines in social media.


Write about what your product can do.


How does it make life easier for the user?


What does it mean to your client?

FAB example

You have already seen FAB in action as I used it in my headline. 🙂 As I said: formulas are elastic, so you can apply them to anything. These formulas are meant to make your writing faster and above all, more effective.

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